Jurassic Classic and Jurassic II Races

A mandatory Driver’s / Safety Meeting for all racers, including the Jurassic (Jurassic Classic and Jurassic II) racers will be held on the Friday evening before the Race.  Check the Event Schedule for the time and location of this mandatory Driver’s / Safety Mtg.

The Jurassic Classic event is intended for sleds no faster than 25 MPH, and for drivers that still have their faculties, but not necessarily their original teeth, hips, or knees.  Same goes for the new addition of the Jurassic II event, except the allowed speeds in this event are from 26 mph through 40 mph.

The race consists of five laps on a .7 mile track, for a total race of approximately 3-1/2 miles of vintage fun!. (Don’t worry, we’ll count the laps for you and waive you on or advise when you are done.) The idea of a short loop is to provide a much better view for your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and for our CPR crew.

Remember, there will be no porta-potties stationed along the course! The exact time of the green flag will vary, depending on the number of entrants, and specifically, the number of crusty old bastards that actually enter this thing!