The Fun Run

The Tired Iron Fun Run is traditionally the largest event of the Tired Iron.  It is designed for sleds in the 41 to 60 MPH range, and is the ultimate “just get out and have fun” event of the weekend.

The Fun Run covers the same course as the Jurassic races, and is sure to have a big rooting section.  Sleds can be ugly or beautiful and held together with technical expertise or duct tape.

The Fun Run is designed to be just that, FUN!  Whether you are getting passed by your cranky neighbor on his dialed-in old Evinrude Skeeter, or zipping by that smoke-belching old 1971 Arctic Cat Panther, you’re going to get your money’s worth here.  The hardest part of The Fun Run is keeping the tears of laughter off your goggles.

The Fun Run is a handicapped event.  The actual amount of handicap is determined by a computer generated formula, including the sled’s original performance estimates, the age of the sled, and the age of the driver.