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//What’s new on FTI

What’s new on FTI

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* Online Registration:  Online registrations are handled by a separate server, managed by Peter, one of the Tired Iron’s most faithful volunteers.  As of December 20, 2018, our Online Race Registration is up and running.  The earlier you register ONLINE, the more you will save on the entry fees, so sign up early!

* When registering to race in the Jurassic Classic or the Jurassic II, you will only see a “2018 Jurassic” race option available for registration.  You will be placed in, either the Jurassic Classic or the Jurassic II, based on the speed of your sled, established during the “Time Trials” held on race day.

* The “Jurassic Classic” race is reserved for sleds with top speeds of 25 mph and UNDER.

* The “Jurassic II” race is for sleds with top speeds over 25 mph, but not faster than 39 mph.

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